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Life Line systems have become one of the solutions for fall protection atop tanker trucks, but these systems are not without fault. A life line gantry style system is very expensive to build and keep regularly maintained in accordance to OSHA standards. The other large issue deals with the physics of a life line system. A worker will require enough slack in the line to preform their duties atop the truck, but the line needs to be kept tight enough to prevent a fall. Unfortunately, this grey area leaves far too much room for catastrophic injuries due to the pendulum like nature of the system.   A slip or fall off the top or rear of the tanker will result in the user being launched back into side of the steel tanker’s shell.

Not only are these systems very expensive and sometimes dangerous, they often require a team of more than one worker which will slow down business.

The best current solution is Standfast’s TRAM system.   Using the Standard TRAM system, a worker can easily work atop their tanker.   With the system being installed on top of the tanker, your worker can be in the safest position possible, regardless of location and said location’s equipment.   The 24″ lanyards attaching the user to the TRAM Arm are long enough to prevent most injuries from a small slip/fall, and short enough to prevent a pendulum like effect into the side of the tanker.

The TRAM system can also be the solution of choice for single lid tankers with the Fixed Based Rotating Arm TRAM system.   Over 70% of all falls occur during access/egress and the Fixed Based TRAM provides the best possible protection for workers climbing atop single dome lid tankers.  All of Standfast’s products meet or exceed ANSI & OSHA regulations in regards to height safety and can be installed OEM or Retrofitted at feasible prices.


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Hassles with Handrails

With the industry pushing forward towards tighter regulation on height safety, many are looking into the different options currently available for retrofit, as well as OEM delivered safety.

Handrails are one of the options being pushed around lately, but these devices have many limitations.

  • Not MSHA compliant
  • Must be 48″ tall, which can complicate certain trucks already nearing their max height for general transportation.
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Cost
  • Lack of Access & Egress protection
  • Cold Weather Issues for Pneumatic & Pop Up Rails
  • Aerodynamics for longer hauls
  • Costly Hydraulic & Pneumatic Maintenance & Repair
  • Tight dimensions limiting mobility
  • Timely Installation
  • Lack of Protection for Slips during inclement weather
  • Added Weight
  • Can complicate auto-washout mechanisms
  • Lack of protection for drivers over 6′ tall and or of a “larger diameter”

These issues along with many others complicate the safety landscape for tanker truck operators.  Luckily Standfast’s TRAM system is the general solution for all these issues and meets or exceeds ANSI & OSHA regulations.


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